Since 1973

About Haddadin Farms

Kariem Haddadin Farms Jordan

Established 1973

Owner: Kariem Ph Haddadin

Family business

Kariem Haddadin Farms ( PETRA); growers, packers and exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables in Jordan since 1973.

In 1973; Haddadin Farms Started exporting fresh fruits and vegetables to the Gulf countries, in addition to supplying major supermarkets such as Spinneys in Dubai and Mattrah cold Stores in Oman,with high quality produce.

In 1979 Haddadin Farms started exporting fresh fruit and vegetables from Jordan, Cyprus and Lebanon to ARAMCO Saudi Arabia. Haddadin Farms expanded its operation to the United Kingdom in 1986.

Furthermore, in 1987 Haddadin Farms started the largest operation of export of Green Beans to Belgium.

Two years later Haddadin Farms expanded its operation to include France, and successfully to maintain Exporting fresh fruit and vegetables to the French and UK markets till Today.

In 1995 Haddadin farms started growing Galia Melons in Sudan, and started working with Lindeman produce in selling watermelon in Europe. An operation of 2 Charter planes per week in the winter peak season.

A family owned business; the second generation of the Haddadin Family is now involved into developing the business and lifting it into a higher level.

Mr. Wael Haddadin, the eldest son of Kariem Haddadin has joined the agricultural field in 1991.

Building on years of experience and outstanding achievements in Agribusiness; Mr. Haddadin served as an Agribusiness Consultant for a USAID project “SABEQ”,  for an EC project “Baladyati”, International Labor organization, and the world bank.

Our Products

 Green Beans, Mini Cucumbers, Okra, Aubergines, Peppers, Herbs

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